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Aanvullende materialen bij goeroegidsen

  • Drucker: Bounded Goodness: Marketing Implications of Drucker on Corporate Responsibility (Smith, 2007)

  • Prahalad: Serving the World's Poor, Profitably: The Payoff for Investing in Poor Countries (Prahalad & Hammond, 2002); Why Sustainability Is Now the Key Driver of Innovation (2009)

  • Porter: Strategy & society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and. Corporate Social Responsibility (Porter & Kramer, 2006); Creating shared value: how to reinvent capitalism—and unleash a wave of innovation and growth (Porter & Kramer, 2011)

  • Kotler: Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause (2004 - boek); Up and Out of Poverty: The Social Marketing Solution (2009 - boek)